Custom Packaging Solutions


We specialize in making custom trays for a wide variety of end uses. From disposable trays for shipping and handling to complex sterile packaging systems, we ensure a pristine, uniform presentation and tight security of delicate products.


Custom thermoformed trays have a multitude of uses, and can range from a simple one-cavity part for holding a particular product, to a multi-cavity design for several pieces which go together, or a precisely organized shape which can be used to house and protect expensive and fragile items.

Why Trays?

Advantages of trays are that they are easy to load and unload, nestable, re-usable and generally an efficient packaging option. Trays typically don’t require heat-sealing equipment and allow the product to stand up or lie down, which makes them especially useful for shipping to protect the product.


We have made plastic trays across a variety of industries including, but not limited to: electronics, medical, dental, industrial and consumer products.

Product Gallery

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Cushion Packaging

Display Tray

Handling Tray


Display Tray


Types of Trays

At Premier Plastics we can create custom trays that are unique and functional, always meeting your particular industry needs.

Custom Packaging Handling Trays

Premier Plastic’s custom handling trays offer a cost-effective and lightweight means to safely and efficiently transport components between manufacturing areas and facilities. With our customized designs, components can be arranged to optimize size, stacking and nesting. Additionally, the trays are reusable, therefore reducing costs as well as reducing environmental impact.

Custom Packaging Shipping Trays

Used in virtually all industries, shipping trays are a cost effective way to protect your products during transport. Shipping trays are stackable, allowing for simple and efficient storage. Because they are lightweight, shipping costs can be greatly reduced, resulting in an effective yet strong, cost effective shipping solution.

Custom Packaging Retail Trays

In retail, custom thermoformed trays can be molded to fit just about any product for boxing and stocking. Ideal for small or delicate objects that need to be held in place, trays also work for just about any product that needs some extra security.

Custom Packaging Cushion Packaging

Designed to keep levels of shock and vibration below those that may damage the product inside the box, our custom cushion packaging provides superior protection when compared to traditional foam packaging, and typically uses much less space than foam products.