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Clamshell Packaging

Our custom clamshell packaging solutions are designed to maximize your product’s visual appeal, protect against pilferage and damage, and allow you to effectively personalize your product display and messaging.


Plastic clamshell packaging is a thermoformed plastic package designed to encapsulate and clearly display a retail product. The term clamshell refers to the hinging of the product similar to a “clamshell” that you may find at the beach. High visibility of the product and messaging, with added flexibility of product display are the key benefits of clamshell packaging.

Why Clamshell Packaging?

Clamshells can incorporate special solutions such as try-me features, embossing, stability for heavy products, tri-fold or footed packages, club packs, or multiple contoured cavities. Whether hanging on a peg or standing on a shelf, our clamshell packaging merchandises your product in the best possible light with superior hinge strength, tight seals, and high clarity.


Clamshell packaging is used in a variety of markets and product categories, including: home improvement, hardware, cosmetics, electronics, toys, automotive and many more.

Product Gallery

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Produce Clamshell

Medical Clamshell

Accessory Clamshell

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Medical Clamshell

Types of Clamshell Packaging

We create different types of clamshell packaging for our clients for a variety of industries.

Custom Packaging Design Traditional Clamshell

Intelligent packaging design is a delicate balance of designing sustainably without diminishing shelf appeal, and protecting your product while reducing unnecessary material. Whether hanging on a peg or standing on a shelf, our extensive experience with clamshell design and manufacturing ensures that your customer’s first response to your product’s packaging is a positive one.

Custom Packaging Design Snap Closure

There are a number of different options for closing mechanisms on a clamshell package. With a snap fit closure, the perimeter of the formed area of the front and back halves are given a draft angle and are sized so they lock together. This re-closeable mechanism resembles a dovetail joint and can be designed with different features such as ribs and contours for added durability and protection.

Custom Packaging Design Hang Tab

A paperboard backing or hang tag can be added to your clamshell package to include additional space for brand messaging. Hang tags are the ideal way of displaying your merchandise at the customer's eye level, where it can’t be missed.

Custom Packaging Design Tri-Fold Clamshell

This type of package incorporates two hinge points in the clamshell. When closed, the two hinges create 3 sides that come together to encase the product. This package is an excellent solution for products that require shelf-standing, although they can also be hung on a peg hook display.