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Blister Packaging

Blister packaging offers an affordable and convenient solution for protecting and displaying consumer products. Easy to fulfill via heat or cohesive sealing technologies, blister packaging is used for its affordability, performance, and functionality.


A plastic blister pack is a two-piece package made up of a front-facing, clear thermoformed plastic blister that is sealed to a pre-printed graphics card. Mainly used in the pharmaceutical, medical, and consumer goods industries, blister packaging is a popular form of packaging many smaller items in one larger package.

Why Blister Packaging?

Blister packs are an inexpensive way to combine the high visibility of a clamshell with the marketing versatility of a custom printed folding carton. Blisters can typically be produced with fast production times, and they work well together with Point of Purchase displays.


Blister packaging is used in a variety of markets and product categories, including: home improvement, hardware, cosmetics, electronics, toys, automotive and many more.

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Club Store Pack


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Club Store Pack

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Types of Blister Packaging

We create different types of blister packaging for our clients from a variety of industries.

Custom Packaging Face Seal Blister

A standard face-sealed blister encompasses the body of a product and is heat-sealed to a specially treated card or foil. The flanges of the blister are used to seal to the card. While typically considered to be the most cost effective blister packaging solution --which allows for greater flexibility in size and faster speed-to-market-- it is not an advisable application for heavier products.

Custom Packaging Trapped or Fold-over Blister

A trapped blister package is essentially the same as a face seal blister, but usually with a larger flange to trap the blister between two cards with glue being used to seal the card. The package presents a clean look but can be difficult to open, which can be mitigated by a well-designed, easy-open die-cut in the back of the card. This application is good for heavier products to ensure that the blister stays fixed to the card through shipping and handling.

Custom Packaging Mock or Full Face Blister

A “full-face" seal blister pack has a blister that extends to the edges of the card and is sealed to the card, at least around the perimeter. If the card has a large header above the product, the blister should include a ridge or raised area designed to provide rigidity to the structure. (A large flat area of plastic sealed to the card can result in curling or bending of the card). Full-face blisters also reinforce the keyhole because the plastic can extend around the keyhole and be die-cut.

Custom Packaging Club Store Packaging

We’ve integrated our years of experience navigating the club store challenges with extensive blister design and manufacturing capabilities to maximize your club store success. At Premier Plastics, we’re club channel experts and can help you develop a product and packaging strategy that gets your brand in the store, noticed and in the cart.