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To grow a safe and secure future for all of our people by creating an exciting successful business, that inspires growth and unity.

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Why Premier Plastics?


Double performance guarantee and ISO Certification mean more profit for you.

Performance and on time guarantees. Your double guarantee. ISO Certification standing behind our work. We believe in building strong packaging profit partnerships with our clients.


Flexibility and Capacity to minimize risk and maximize profit.

State of the art equipment, facilities and seasoned professionals ensures capacity and flexibility for short or large runs. This can minimize risk and maximize your profit.


Our innovation expertise thinking outside the package increases your profit.

Our four-step process looks at packaging from an end user's point of view. This allows for rapid turnaround and cost saving adjustments along the way. Increasing your packaging profitability!

Our Mission

Our Mission at Premier Plastics is to be the preferred and most trusted resource for packaging products and services that enhance and add value to our customers’ products. To provide the highest level of quality and innovation through customer collaboration and continuous improvement, driven by the integrity, teamwork and innovation of our people.


We are committed to minimizing our impact on the environment by preserving resources and recycling scrap and waste. We are proud to say that last year alone we recycled over 1,000,000 lbs. of plastic! Through effective collaboration with our customers we are able to make the most efficient use of energy and materials. This not only results in optimum functionality for all users, but also in reducing packaging and shipping costs for your business.

Commitment to Excellence

We are ISO 9001:2015 and cGMP certified, and meet the US FDA requirements for packaging and labeling as outlined in 21 CFR 211 Subpart G. We maintain our quality objectives by empowering our employees to be proactive about the identification of problems and by implementing corrective and quality improvement measures early on.

Our Facility

Headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah, Premier Plastics' facility houses a robust manufacturing department, including 5 Sencorp inline pressure forming machines, in-house tooling, 3D state-of–the-art rapid prototyping and a certified cleanroom across 40,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing space.

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A Message from the President

Here at Premier Plastics it's our talented people who get the job done—day in and day out, delivering what our customers expect. It's critical that as a company we make sure that the people who take care of our customers are taken care of too. Safety, respect, honesty and integrity are 4 cornerstones that ensure our company is in good hands. These are the things that our core values are built upon. The fact is that without our team members we would cease to exist. A company lasts over time by continuing to innovate and reinvent itself. At Premier Plastics, we are constantly improving for our customers

Customer Service

Delivering quality results by ensuring that our customers receive exceptional service every step of the way is our highest priority.

Brian F.

Six months after Premier Plastics created a new packaging solution we were amazed to see that our sales volume had increased 1,000% and the only change was the display of the product in the new Custom Clamshell Packaging!

Kris O.

We were impressed with the team at Premier Plastics: they listened to what we were saying, and what we were looking to accomplish. With the experience and the recommendations that we received from Premier Plastics, I knew we were talking to the right people.

Peter K.

Premier Plastics came to us with several very good options for a solution, and we agreed to move forward with this new package design. We have been able to increase our volumes with our vendors with the renewed packaging. They also helped us with the counter POP display. We are very happy with the service and vision that Premier Plastics brought to us.

Values & Principles

At Premier Plastics, we strive to conduct ourselves in a professional, courteous, honest and kind manner at all times. Our customers are our partners; we succeed together by carefully listening to and responding to their needs to develop long lasting relationships. Our goal is to get it right the first time and have our customer feeling well served. We achieve this by offering the highest quality of services and products.

We strive to create a healthy work environment by providing an enjoyable, safe and positive atmosphere that helps cultivate highly motivated team members. Our goal is to conduct business, so we continuously improve the interaction between our customers and our valued team members.

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