With over 90 years of experience, Premier Plastics, Inc. can and will:

What you can expect from Premier Plastics, Inc. is a company that prides themselves on quality and honesty in every aspect of business. Let Premier Plastic’s, Inc. create a package or product that simply is JUST RIGHT.

Custom Clamshell Packaging

Custom clamshell packaging is usually a clear ridged custom plastic front and back that has a living hinge. The front and back then fit together via snap closure or mechanical seal for added security. Clamshell packaging is designed to enhance your products appeal to the consumer as well as protect against damage and theft. Higher visibility of the product and messaging, with the flexibility of how the product can be displayed are some of the benefits of Clamshell Packaging. Clamshell packages are used in many industries including, Medical, Retail, Food and many more. Contact us to learn more.

Custom Blister & Stretch Pak Packaging and Contract Packaging

There are many styles of Blister Packaging

Stretch Pak packaging has many advantages over other packaging styles. This method utilizes a high impact printed card with a high clarity flexible blister. This packaging style allows for the product to be handled so the customer can come closer to the product, also minimizing theft. Stretch Pak Packaging offers greater environmental benefits, less plastic and is often the most cost effective. Contact us for ideas and solutions.

Stretch pak offers the look of a traditional trapped blister package and offers a more cost effective and environmentally friendly package

Plastic Trays &Point of Purchase Displays

Plastic Trays have many uses from simple, for containing an individual product, to complex, needing to house many parts or kits. Tray designs are usually very custom, designed to protect and segregate items for shipping or to allow dispensing directly from the tray. Trays have many uses and features and are designed uniquely for each application.

Point of Purchase (POP) Display’s showcase products to the consumer, setting your product apart in the customers mind. Our designers can create high quality/high visibility and unique displays that will highlight your product to stand out from the competition. POP displays can go from simple shelf displays to the elaborate floor and pallet displays. Contact us, and let our design team work with you to create the perfect display.