There are three reasons why Premier
is the thermoform company preferred by manufacturers.

First: Premier Plastics can lower your packaging costs.

Founded in 1989, Premier Plastics, Inc. has the expertise and experience required by manufacturers for creative custom packaging and tooling design. This creative expertise is available for your custom packaging needs. Full service for all your thin-wall thermoforming projects from start to finish, including blister packaging, clamshell packaging, point of sale displays, and shipping trays. Premier Plastics uses all different materials because all projects are not the same. FDA approved materials are used for medical and dental projects, as well as food packaging and anti-static materials for the computer and electronic industries.

Premier Plastics is your one stop for custom package fulfillment and distribution center. Regardless of your application, Premier Plastics, Inc. will work hard to lower your current costs of packaging and minimize your production costs on new custom packaging applications in all aspects of the production process.

An effective package can increase your products display ability, and, of course, your sales! Some of our customers have seen a sales increase of 400% to 1000%, all because they allowed us to design or redesign and manufacture their packaging system.

Second: Flexibility and capacity to meet your low or high volume needs—with the guarantee to deliver on time!

Premier Plastics' state-of-the-art equipment coupled with a staff of seasoned professionals ensures that our customers needs are met on each and every project.

When Premier Plastics, Inc. gives you a completion time on your order, it will be ready. We guarantee it.

Third: Performance guarantee policy.

Not only does Premier Plastics, Inc. have the expertise needed to lower your packaging costs and deliver on time, they also stand apart from other thermoforming companies in their performance guarantee policy.

Simply, Premier Plastics, Inc. will stand behind their work and guarantee that your order meets the quality standards you expect. With Premier Plastics, Inc. there is no extra charge for quality; it's guaranteed! With this commitment to performance, it's no surprise that Premier Plastics, Inc. is ISO 9001-2000 compliant.